Friday, May 27, 2011

Umpire Sam Holbrook Biography

Sam Holbrook became a member of the Major League staff in 1998...has worked the 2004 All-Star Game, the Division Series (2005, 07, 10), the 2008 American League Championship Series, the 2009 National League Championship Series and the 2010 World Series...previously worked in the Appalachian League (1990), Midwest League (1991), Carolina League (1992-93), Texas League (1993), Eastern League (1994-95) and International League (1995-97)...proudest moment was walking on the field for the first time under contract.

Sam was born in July 1965 in Kentucky...resides in Kentucky...married to Susie...has two children, Adam and Amy...received a B.S. and an M.S. from Eastern Kentucky University...does charitable work for Fellowship of Christian Athletes...played baseball for four years in college...enjoys fishing, hunting, golf, and spending time with his family...most admires his parents for the job they did raising their family.


  1. Sam Holbrook has worked for MLB since 1998, and has some impressive credits. But after the Wildcard game between the Braves and Cardinals he should probably just quit. The infield fly rule does not apply in deep left field. Further shame on the other refs and MLB for not reversing the bad call.

    Boo, hiss

  2. When a 8 year old can do your job better than you, then you should quit. Every 8 year old that has ever watched a baseball game could tell you where the infield ends. It doesn't ened 50 feet into left field. Umpires are not supposed to change the outcome of the game. You did; you fucked up.

  3. Just goes to show that you have no class! Silence can never be misquoted! Sam hives back to the community and a great father! Sam is also one of the best in the game and will work World Series this year! Sam thanks for all you do by giving,teaching and being a role model to younger umpires and BROTHERS!! I jump in a fox hole with you anyway!!

  4. Read the definition on infield fly! Ordinary effort/ I will speak for other who know the game and umpiring. Great call Sam and the crew! Watch the play again (rat/jag) then wilL not only see Sam POINT IN THE AIR TO SIGNAL INFIELD FLY BUT TWO IGHER UMPIRES CALLED IT TOO!