Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MLU Welcomes Brian Knight to the 2011 Staff

Congratulations to Brian Knight for being selected to the Major League staff for the 2011 season…has 730 days of service in the Major Leagues as a call-up umpire in his career…has worked Major League Spring Training since 2001…he’s been called up to the Majors each year since 2001…first Major League game was May 7, 2001 (White Sox at Rangers), when Brian was at third base. Brian was a Minor League Baseball umpire from 1995-2010, most recently in the Pacific Coast League (Triple-A) from 2000-2010. He is 36 and is a Montana resident.


  1. Any umpire who can't get THAT CALL (red sox/jays game-ender--7/6/11) right, should not he an umpire.

    These are not replay issues... If you need replay to get the obvious calls right, you have no business in the major leagues.

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